viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Taylor Lautner

Debido a que retraté al vampiro (Robert Pattinson), me dijeron por ahí que dibujara también al lobo.
En mi opinión la manera en que Jacob Black es interpretado por Taylor Lautner en la saga Crepúsculo es muy distinta a como yo me lo imaginaba al leer los libros. Creo que en las películas exhiben demasiado sus músculos (que no dejan de ser impresionantes), olvidando el lado más sensible y generoso de Jacob. Me quedo con el libro.

Cause I portrayed the vampire (Robert Pattinson), someone told me that I should also draw the wolf. 
In my opinion the way that Jacob Black is played by Taylor Lautner on the Twilight saga is very different to how I imagined him while reading the books. I think that the movies exhibit too much Taylor's muscles (impressive in any case), forgetting the sensitive and generous side of Jacob. I choose the book.

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  1. Hey you! How you doing??

    I see you're portraying characters in movies and stuff. Since you told me you knew The X-Files TV show, you should definitely draw Dana Scully haha. Seriously, I don't know why, but I'm sure you'd do something great. Gillian Anderson is very beautiful, her big blue eyes and tender face are really dramatic.

    Apart from that, I can't stop thinking you're sooo talented =)
    Btw, were you supposed to see ReVamp in Chile? If yes, I hope you're not too sad they cancelled...

    Take care,

  2. Yeah good idea! I will add Dana Scully to my wishlist! You still don't have Facebook? You could check the wishlist in my page.

    Thx for your words Lucinda! I hope I can learn more and more! I really love drawing!

    ReVamp? Well, trully saying I don't like too much ReVamp, so I was not planning to go in any case... I still love Floor's voice, so maybe if i can gather the money I will go. But they cancelled the tour cause Floor was ill... they posted something in the webpage.



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