miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Cupcakes, cookies and cakes

Estos pasteles forman parte de una serie de cinco ilustraciones que realizé para Pasteles Antoinette (Guatemala), para decorar la tienda.

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  1. It's so sweet (and it actually IS :P). I tasted my first cupcake a couple of months ago, and it was magic ^^ Although they are just little cakes, I loved the cream above the cake. Yummie and delicious.
    Have you ever tasted a cupcake, or a cheesecake?



  2. Yeahhh I love candy! :D
    I also tasted my first cupcake, maybe 2 weeks ago... it was great to finally see those lovely cakes I've been drawing for so long! My cupcake also had cream, and some chocolate I think.

    How are u LuciLiu? :)

  3. LuciLiu? Hum... Well, I'm not Chinese but why not haha!!

    Well, lot of work at the University, but I'm fine, thanks. Hope this is the same for you ;)

    Bybye Camomila :P


  4. estan la raja y me dio hambre asi como te digo jaajajjaa bueno mil cariños y sigue asi de talentosa que te quiero ver!!!!!! :D

  5. Hola Sandra y Bianca! Muchas gracias, sus ilustraciones también son preciosas! Carinos


Gracias por tu comentario, me interesa mucho tu opinión. Espero que vuelvas pronto porque siempre estoy actualizando mi blog con nuevas ilustraciones.

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